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  • Run for love and let love go

    To welcome international autism day 4.2, on March 20, the second family fun games, hosted by ningbo charity federation, FM102.9 ningbo economic broadcasting, and co-organized by jizhi party branch, were grandly held in ningbo siming middle school affiliated to zhejiang normal university. Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd volunteers again held hands with xingbao, ran for love, let love go, and spent a happy weekend with them.
    More than 40 volunteers came to the site early, check-in, groups, groups of loving families, waiting for the arrival of the xingbao family. At 9:30, the sports meeting held the grand entrance, followed by the dragon dance team of siming middle school and the wonderful performance of class 106 of zhenhai district art experimental primary school. This competition has set up three scoring projects, which are "precise control", "ant receive dragon", "happy water transport", and several interesting projects specially designed for young star treasure, such as pinball clip, jigsaw puzzle and so on. After the competition starts, each team of star treasure (star treasure family + volunteer + loving family) is led by the captain to enter the competition.
    Thirty families took part in the games, a big increase from last year's 12. It also shows that more and more star treasure families feel the warmth of society and are willing to go out into the sunshine, willing to go out into the crowd. In the whole of yongcheng, the care for this group of children has attracted more and more attention from the society. A large number of caring people like our science and technology volunteers are joining in the activities of caring for star treasure to give more understanding, care and help to autistic children.