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    Happy work

    A Happy Family

    Exciton is a great family. Here we offer constant opportunities for your personal and professional development.

    Work environment and accommodation

    We offer a pleasant environment in the factory buildings and healthy dining options. It takes only three minutes to walk from the factory to the employee dormitory, which is very convenient.

  • High-tech Zone factory
  • Jiangbei factory
  • Xiangshan factory
  • Hall
  • Reception
  • Tea room
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Dormitory
  • Dormitory
  • Dormitory
  • Dormitory
  • Telant training and development

    We implement dual channel for backup talent by project management and technology.

  • 1. New entry courses

    General course

    Expanding training

    OJT training

    Corporate culture curriculum

    Professional technology curriculum

  • 2. Management courses

    Management training

    Primary management

    Middle managers class

    Field management

  • 3. Training College

    English Course

    Finance Course

    Chemistry Course

    Mechatronics course

  • 4. Educational education

    Encourage employees to participate in continuing education while on duty.

  • Excellent staff selection

    Excellent operation staffs will be evaluated each season.
    And excellent staffs will be selected every year commending in employees of 3-5 years of service.