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  • Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd founded in March, 2007 by professional R & D and management teams from Fortune 500 companies, is a high-tech company principally engaged in the research and development of optical films and functional films through optical design simulation and high-precision coating. We focus on the development of new materials, one of China’s seven strategic emerging industries ...

    The Company went public on November 15, 2016. (stock code :300566)

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  • The third fun sports meet was held

    Sports ignite passion, hard to achieve the dream. On the morning of May 5, although the shower is continuous, it can't stop the spirit of kinsman who compete with each other, who give me, the 3rd excit ...
  • The first line is comforting

    May flowers are gorgeous, and the drumbeat of labor is especially powerful. On the afternoon of April 28, President zhang yan, senior vice general manager tang haijiang and other leaders of Exciton c ...
  • High-tech zone "celebrate May Day, welcome may fourth" advanced recognition Exciton awards

    On the afternoon of April 25, the advanced commendation of high-tech zone (new material science and technology city) "celebrating May 1 and welcoming May 4" and the launch ceremony of "new era and new ...
  • Exciton technology "rock solid plan" training class begins

    To the governance of the world in the talent, the talent of the world in education. On the morning of April 20, the "rock plan" talent team class was officially opened. The first batch of 42 students f ...
  • Sharing experience, growth perception, Exciton staff forum

    May Day is approaching, April 16 at noon, Exciton held a "listen to your heart" employee symposium, inviting employees working at the grassroots level to talk about their feelings and share their growi ...
  • The fourth "make progress every day" knowledge competition was held.

    In the evening of April 4th, the fourth "make progress every day" knowledge competition was held up. More than 600 employees gathered in the hi-tech park, wandering in the ocean of knowledge. ...
  • Exciton Technology was selected as the "three" pilot enterprise in Ningbo.

    Recently, good news came from Ningbo Economic and Information Committee, Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd was listed as the third batch of municipal "three" cultivation pilot enterprises. It is repor ...
  • The volunteers help the "xingbao" exercise

    They had starlight clear eyes, but they seldom described to their mother what they saw; They had angelic smiles, but they seldom told their father of one kind of happiness or sadness. They are known as ...
  • Public announcement on the application of the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Progress Award project

    The project "Research and development and industrialization of key technologies for preparation of high performance optical brightening film for display" undertaken by Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Lt ...
  • Exciton technology was awarded the quality award of high tech Zone in 2017.

    Recently, from Ningbo National High-tech Zone (New Material Science and Technology City) Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau came the good news: Ningbo Exciton Technology Co., Ltd was awarded the ...
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    Exciting life with
    leading technology

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    To be one of the largest, most profitable,
    and most respected functional film company in the world

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    Passion, innovation,
    integrity and accountability